Eş Sözcümüz Eylem Tuncaelli Berlin Yeşiller Partisi kurultayına katıldı

Eş Sözcümüz Eylme Tuncaelli’nin kurultaydaki selamlama konuşması:

We are greeting you on behalf of Green Left Party from Turkey.We are a young party that established in 2012 November and we are organised in 54 cities.

everyone knows the situation in Turkey and our strugle for democracy, human rights and peace.

Recently we had many elections in turkey. We worked for a democratic peaceful country but populism like in everywhere became the key for the success…

Despite of all these populism going around in european union countries, in turkey, in usa, we see that there is always hope despite of all the darkness.

So the victories from the netherlands and from austria are raising our hope, give us strength in our struggle for a better and greener world.

Like mandela said “Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but human beings we have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.”

we do not only struggle against main stream politics, the main struggle is against the system that destructs the earth together with its habitat.

This binds the greens, this fight is not only a political fight, a fight for earth, for all existences, a common fight for all the greens around the world.

A fight that we must spread and win or we will lose our last chance against global warming.

So i would like to thank you to all and wish you success at the parliament elections…

We’ll stop dictators together, We’ll stop racism together, We’ll fight for ecosystem together.

We know we will be stronger as we are united.

best regards with our Solidarity

Eylem Tuncaelli

Green Left Party